iNAS 330

CoreVault™ Rugged-Design Industry Storage
  • Main Feature
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for data/power redundancy with PoE+
  • Data protection in harsh environments
  • Fully compliant with EN50155 (railway applications), EN61373 (vibrations & shocks)
  • Wide temperature range support, -40°C~70°C
  • IP rating: IP 54 (NEMA)
  • Max capacity: Up to 3T
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The iNAS 330 is extremely rugged-design network-attached storage (NAS), which was designed to provide high performance, reliability and capacity data storage in harsh environments. Equipped with a unique storage technology, it is able to record the accurate data in harsh environments, such as Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Industrial automation…and so on.


Furthermore, it offers various data backup options. Remote replication supports data backup from target unit to another remote unit, FTP servers and file-level synchronization. By integrated with Rsync protocol, it's able to keep critical data always consistent. Also, it supports SMB/CIFS,NFS, and AFP protocols for file sharing among cross-platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux/UNIX.


The iNAS 330 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) and following the specifications in IEEE 802.3af/ IEEE 802.3at. It's has dual PoE+ interfaces which could support power redundancy. In addition, iNAS 330 could be used on video recording system widely which supports RAID 5 function and also offers the data protection. The iNAS 330 was built with a fanless, thermally efficient, dust- and water-protected IP 54-rated chassis. It's sealed enclosure eliminates internal fans as a point of critical system failure, protecting the internals.

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