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O2O Kiosks and Business Analytics Draw in Sales for Stores

O2O Kiosks and Business Analytics Draw in Sales for Stores
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O2O Kiosks and Business Analytics Draw in Sales for Stores

Physical stores have been in head-to-head competition with online retailers for customers. To bolster the multi-channel presence, a department store chain in Western Europe has deployed multiple interactive kiosks across more than 160 stores to converge brick-and-mortar and digital channels. Powered by NEXCOM digital signage Player NDiS B426, the in-store interactive kiosk helps the department store chain increase customer engagement, reduce out-of-stock complains, broaden product offerings, and more importantly, drive sales.


The internet-enabled kiosk can provide customers copious information and self-services. By scanning a product barcode, the kiosk can tell customers about product details including sizes, colors, prices, promotions, and stocks. If an item of a specific size or color is out of stock, customers can use the kiosk's touchscreen to make a purchase online with a credit card, earn reward points for the purchase with a membership card, opt for either in-store pickup or home delivery, and obtain a confirmation receipt as a proof of payment. The kiosk also gives customers access to the full product range as offered on the retailer's online store, expanding the product coverage to hundreds of thousands of brands within existing floor space.

The NEXCOM NDiS B426 designed for interactive signage applications can equip the kiosk with video chatting function to help customers obtain assistance from online customer services, and run special promotions and advertisements on a 4K display.Moreover, equipped with discrete NVIDIA graphics, the NDiS B426 can perform intense image processing for in-store analytics,offering science-based shopper behavior and store performance analysis with crystal clear insights.


The KPPC-1812 is the next generation Smart Kiosk Panel PC Platform. In the modern retail environment, you need to provide a friendly, efficient and easy-to-use Kiosk Solution for customers. So it can quickly build intelligent kiosks in convenience stores, way finding kiosks in shopping malls and self-ordering kiosks in fast food restaurants to fulfill different retail and hospitality applications. Its modular design for peripherals and swappable mainboard and HDD tray will easily integrate the different requirements and reduce maintenance costs.


Application Diagram

Smart Kiosk

User-friendly, cost-efficient, and easy-to-install, NEXCOM’s Smart Kiosk Panel PC provides a quick solution to provide interactive services in convenience stores, way finding in shopping malls, and self-service ordering in quick service restaurants, fulfilling the operational needs of the retail and hospitality industries.

Interactive Signage

NEXCOM’s interactive signage equips kiosks with the video chat function allowing customers to contact online customer services for assistance, and 4K support to run eye-catching special promotions and advertisements. NEXCOM’s interactive signage can also integrate data analysis to offer insights to shopping behavior and store performance.

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