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Company Profile

Reliable Partner for the Intelligent Systems

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM is committed to being your trustworthy partner in building the intelligent systems. To surpass customers' expectations, NEXCOM makes the difference by utilizing its decades of industrial computing experience, a highly talented R&D team, and by providing exceptional levels of customer service. With these core strengths, NEXCOM has enabled its customers to win key projects in a diverse range of industries and for solutions which work on this principle.

With its focus on delivering these core values to better serve customers, NEXCOM integrates its capabilities and operates five global businesses, which are Multi-Media Solutions (MMS), Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS), Industrial Computing Solutions (ICS), Intelligent Digital Security (IDS) and Network and Communication Solutions (NCS). This strategic deployment enables NEXCOM to offer time-to-market, time-to-solution products and service without compromising cost.

In addition, the service-to-market business model gives NEXCOM core competence to build a strong world-class service network by providing customized service, global logistics, local access, and real-time support. Operating seven subsidiaries, from China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, to the United Kingdom, NEXCOM is able to better facilitate customers' requirements as well as closely work with global partners in different regions.

Partners should also be assured that NEXCOM's Taiwan based Headquarters and subsidiary offices in China, UK and USA have obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Corporate Mission

An Innovative Supplier in Vertical Application Markets

A Quality Partner in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Services

Corporate Vision

To become the industrial leader in building the digital infrastructure, NEXCOM utilizes its industry leading technology, localized customer support and worldwide logistics services. This will be achieved by Great Team Work

Cooperation with trusted partners

Growth through innovation.

Business Strategy

Aim to better support the activities of all its partners, NEXCOM divides its sales force into five dedicated business units to target rapidly expanding vertical markets. This enhances each business unit concentrating on strategic channel accounts and on repeat order business. Moreover, NEXCOM's business units have been set up to serve the requirements of key project accounts, where product ODM and project support are frequently required. NEXCOM is working with embedded computing solution providers to envision new opportunities for growth. We'll help you deliver reliable vertical industry platform (VIP) solutions, optimized for the next wave of low power, small footprint embedded applications.

Research and Development

Speed, Quality, Innovation and One-stop Service

Over a decade ago, NEXCOM successfully launched the PEAK series of Single Board Computers onto the IPC market, and in doing so, gained a solid reputation for product quality and innovation. In subsequent years, NEXCOM has enhanced its reputation for R&D excellence with a multitude of high-end technology products, which has cemented NEXCOM as one of the industry leaders for R&D and innovation.

The mission of NEXCOM R&D team is to design exceptional products that meet the stringent requirements of today's global markets. In order to achieve this goal, we have recruited hundreds of talented engineers who have the knowledge and expertise to make NEXCOM's products stand out in this highly competitive market.

In 2011, NEXCOM R&D will develop solutions within the following categories, fanless computers, low heat dissipation, video analytic, self-service platform, vehicle telematics computers, rugged mobile tablet computers, and digital signage platform solutions. The team is encouraged to "Think with New Ideas" and "Know how to make it and do it right first time". In addition, the size of NEXCOM's R&D team has been expanded to over 100 members and remains as one of core competences of the company.

Versatile Design Capabilities

Leading industrial fanless computer

High speed networking

High availability network security platform, blade, and cPCI

Isolated and non-isolated power system

Rugged tablet computer and car PC

Isolated and non-isolated industrial I/O

Ultra small footprint computer-on-module

Wide range of operating temperature


24/7 Production Line

Optimal Manufacturing Efficiency

The manufacturing of delicate products requires a high-level technology, craftsmanship, standards and time-to-market efficiency. Over years continual investment in advanced manufacturing equipment and systemic training programs has enabled NEXCOM to obtain optimal manufacturing efficiency.

To fulfill the increasing market demand for NEXCOM's products, the company has opened a 24/7 production line. This investment not only furthers the quality of products, but also reduces production lead-time for all global customers.

Quality Assurance

Under a strict Quality Assurance System, product design and reliability are controlled to support all critical solutions, and ensure Total Quality Assurance (TQA) implementation for all NEXCOM products and service. Furthermore, NEXCOM technical support team aims to provide feedback within 24 hours to ensure technical issues are resolved in the shortest possible time.

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