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Entry Level Appliance

NEXCOM network communication platform, with networking capability and configuration flexibility, is capable of offering outstanding network protection for small business and SOHO.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset LAN Form Factor
b7122aff-a660-4527-8964-99428eb1a17a NSA 1150 I ntel® Atom™
processor C2358
SOC 6 Giga Ports 1U
74fd5e89-1505-4e86-a3cd-6877826eac9a NSA 3130 2nd gen.
Intel® Core™
Intel® H61 8 GbE 1U
5c568d79-521a-48cc-847f-d3d9170f4698 NSA 3150 4th Gen.
Intel® Core™
Intel® Xeon™
E3 Family
Intel® H81 Max. 8 GbE + 8 GbE 1U
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