Open Frame Panel PC

NEXCOM fanless Open Frame Panel PC (OPPC) with bezel-less display provides design flexibility for customers without any limitation. Customers are provided with various innovative mounting options, such as open frame mount from both rear and front sides. Open Frame Panel PC has ultra slim appearances and can be easily integrated into a custom enclosure. Ideal for space-critical environments, Open Frame Panel PC is targeted at vertical market segments, inclusive of ATMs and vending machines in transportation stations and entertainment venues.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset LCD/ Touch LAN/ COM/ mini-PCIe
558972b2-ccd1-43f1-a6a0-7098f09518d0 OPPC 1730T Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 17" SXGA/ R 5-Wire 2/ 2/ 2
3d97c786-5304-431f-ae6b-1992ef6af557 OPPC 1740T   new-blank.gif Atom™ E3826 - 17" SXGA/ R 5-Wire 2/ 2/ 2
2b949e47-b133-4043-8e72-6ab387bac92f OPPC 1930T Atom™ D2550 Intel® NM10 19" SXGA/
R 5-Wire
2/ 2/ 2
9297bd15-ca60-4c4f-b56a-b68645ba282f OPPC 1940T Atom™ E3826 - 19" SXGA/R 5-Wire 2/ 2/ 2
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