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In-Vehicle Signage Solutions

Digital vehicle signage is considered as a useful tool to enrich passenger's transportation experience. The PDSB Series for vehicle signage with built-in patented PowerDigiS software features reliable system operation that can withstand extreme temperature condition, shock and vibration under vehicle environment. PDSB vehicle signage players is compliant to most industrial standards, e.g. eMark, for in-vehicle operation.

Product Model Name Display Audio Media Perfromance Storage
45f2bd02-5382-4d99-af0c-6de62c4ac255 PDSB 6120 1 x VGA,
1 x DVI-D,
1 x LVDS
2 x Line-out 1 x 1080p or
2 x 720p
1 GB DDR3 /
556f5099-bd2f-42b1-a194-51fffa21be82 PDSB 6200 2 x VGA,
1 x LVDS
2 x Line-out 2 x 720p 1 GB DDR2 /
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