ICEB 8060

COM Express Carrier Board, Type 6 pin-out, PICMG COM.0 Rev. 2.0 3DDI/ 4 USB3.0/2 SATA 3.0/PCIe Gen 3.0, Bootable CFAST/Mini-SATA
  • Main Feature
  • COM Express COM.0, Rev 2.0 Evaluation CRB, ATX form-factor
  • Support Type 6 pin-out, COMe Extended/Basic/Compact Module
  • Display: 3 x DDI (2DP/HDMI), VGA & dual channels 18/24-bit LVDS
  • 4 x USB3.0/2 x SATA3.0, PCIe Gen 3.0, Bootable CFAST or Mini-SATA
  • PCIex16, DDI (PCIex16), PCIex4, PCIex1 and Mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi
  • VGA/RS232/422/485/5COM, Dual GbE/12USB/5.1, S/PDIF
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ICEB 8060 (P/N: 10KB0806000X0) RoHS Compliant
COM Express Type 6, COM.0 Rev. 2.0 Evaluation CRB, 3DDI/VGA/LVDS/4USB 3.0/8USB 2.0/6COM/2GbE/5.1 HD, SPDIF/2SATA3.0/mSATA/CFAST/PCIex16/PCIex4/PCIex1/mPCIe, ATX power input

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