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Rugged Tablet PC

NEXCOM's rugged tablet PC, the MRC Series for mobile data terminal solution, is housed in a rugged chassis which is capable of withstanding extreme outdoor environment. Integrated with wireless technology, such as 3.5G mobile broadband engine, GPS, WLAN, WWAN or Bluetooth, NEXCOM's mobile data terminal solution, the MRC Series tablet PC, enables users to deploy mobile computing into field service management.

Product Model Name CPU Chipset LAN/ Expansion Memory
1b1255c0-9115-4060-ae4a-2c71dcaa9658 MRC 1000 7" / 400nits Intel® Atom™
Z530 1.6GHz
Ruggedized 2GB DDR2
5f5811eb-f958-4afc-aded-fe7a7ee91f55 MRC 1100 7" / 500nits Intel® Atom™
Z530 1.6GHz
Ruggedized 2GB DDR2
a9fafb75-4d44-4a3e-9432-ad9781fac22e MRC 2200 8" / 400nits Intel® Atom™
N450 1.6GHz
IP54 / 3-feet 1GB DDR2
up to 2GB
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