VTC 6110

Intel® Core™ Duo L2400 Fanless In-Vehicle Computer
  • Main Feature
  • Build-in Intel® Core™ Duo L2400 processor
  • Availability of GSM/ GPRS/ WCDMA/ HSDPA/ GPS
  • External smart battery back up support
  • Power ignition on/off delay control
  • Circuitry design for low power protection
  • 6~36V DC power input
  • 1 PCI-104 expansion slot
  • Multiple display interface connections (VGA, DVI-D and LVDS)
  • Certified by AT&T
  • Optional IP65 enclosure
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The VTC 6110 is an innovative in-vehicle computer for use in any car, truck, or even or maritime applications. The design itself makes the system available as a complete system allowed the user easily define and build requirements. The VTC 6110 fulfills vehicle industry requirements. The design itself is in compliance with vehicle industrial standard such as eMark. More features required for in-vehicle operations, such as power ignition delay control, low-power protection and SMBus connection, etc., are continued from others of NEXCOM's in-vehicle computer products. The GPS function navigates drivers to ultimate the fleet management. Optional 802.11b/g/n, 3.5G, and Bluetooth availability make the VTC 6110 ready for wider coverage and future trend. Multiple display connections make the VTC 6110 an ideal choice for in-vehicle signage platforms as well.

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