VTC 2100

Intel® Atom™ D410 Fanless In-Vehicle Computer
  • Main Feature
  • Build-in Intel® Atom™ D410 1.6GHz processor
  • Internal wireless communication (3.5G, GSM/GPRS, WLAN, BT)
  • Smarter ignition power on/off, delay-time and low voltage protection
  • PCI-104 and mini card for expansion
  • 8 ~ 60V wide range DC power input
  • Dual VGA output (Clone mode)
  • Fanless design
  • Support 2 x RS-232/1 x RS-485
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The VTC 2100 is an economic version of car pc with high performace for use in transportation application. The VTC 2100 system is designed in a very compact form factor, yet maintaining the industrial requirements for high availability, wide operation temperature range, and better vibration protection. The design also follows the in-vehicle industrial standard, like eMark. More features required for in-vehicle operations, such as power ignition delay control, low-power protection, SMBus connection and capture module, etc., are continued from others of NEXCOM's in-vehicle computer products. The GPS is an integrated function of VTC 2100. With expansion capability, the 3.5G, Bluetooth, etc., can be added to cover varieties of application requirements. Dual VGA display connections make the VTC 2100 an ideal choice for in-vehicle signage platforms as well.

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