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EtherCAT-based Robot Solutions

NEXCOM provides several EtherCAT-based educational robot packages as open programming environment for users to develop their own robot control. They consist of different types of robot body and a robot controller. Motor drives, I/O signals and related circuits are also integrated based on EtherCAT control network. is suitable for academy study and R&D research of basic robotic control.

Product Model Name Robot Body Payload Controller EtherCAT Drive
00d09cc6-ae93-41e0-bf0a-dfb96e4b7f6d Articulated Robot Solution 6-axis
5kg NET3600E-GMC Sanyo Denki
PB Series x 6
a7e3619b-fcf3-4295-881e-8d76ec85a164 Delta Robot Solution 3-axis Delta 0.5kg NET200-GMC Yaskawa
Sigma-5 x 3
405bf936-43ed-492b-85be-4946e5f2142c MiniBOT Robot 6-axis
1kg NET200-GMC Sanyo Denki
PB Series x 6
d150eb79-b531-43ac-b7aa-99c44e3e87be SCARA Robot Solution 4-axis
6kg NET3500-GMC HIWIN D2 x 4
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