IoT Gateway

NEXCOM IoT gateways, CPS series, solve the communication gap between field control/sensor nodes and customer’s cloud, enabling field data to be harnessed for manufacturing process optimization, remote management, and preventive maintenance.


NEXCOM CPS series consists of application-ready IoT gateways that are easy to deploy and configure. Pre-installed with NEXCOM Industrial IoT Studio, the CPS series can extract and parse PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP data, send warning messages, store data to local/remote databases, and perform other data processing functions after a few drags and drops. The CPS series also supports cloud-ready APIs to connect to cloud servers through wireless 3G/Wi-Fi (optional module) and/or wired LAN networks. With the CPS series, manufacturers can define the data flow, uploading field data to cloud service platforms including Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix. With a rugged design, the CPS series can be installed alongside with PLCs, sensors, and I/O devices in harsh environments.

Product Model Name OS Module Support LAN/COM/mPCIe Power
2bde87a0-00a9-4f57-83e6-36366fbde782 CPS 100   new-blank.gif Linux Wi-Fi module 2 x LAN
1 x COM
1 x mPCIe
6e4ec652-75ab-428c-8738-96144f81ee3a CPS 200 Linux Wi-Fi/ 3G/
2 x LAN
2 x COM
24 VDC
19869b6d-ab80-4421-9740-c85b3262339e NIO 50 FreeRTOS IEEE 802.11
bgn 1x1
1/1/1 9~36 VDC
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