IoT Gateway

NEXCOM IoT gateways, CPS and NIO series, solve the communication gap between field control/sensor nodes and customer’s cloud, enabling field data to be harnessed for manufacturing process optimization, remote management, and preventive maintenance.


NEXCOM CPS series consists of application-ready IoT gateways that are easy to deploy and configure. Pre-installed with NEXCOM Industrial IoT Studio, the CPS series can extract and parse PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP data, send warning messages, store data to local/remote databases, and perform other data processing functions after a few drags and drops. The CPS series also supports cloud-ready APIs to connect to cloud servers through wireless 3G/Wi-Fi (optional module) and/or wired LAN networks. With the CPS series, manufacturers can define the data flow, uploading field data to cloud service platforms including Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix. With a rugged design, the CPS series can be installed alongside with PLCs, sensors, and I/O devices in harsh environments.


The NIO series delivers data acquisition capability, IoT connectivity, convenience of remote monitoring, and industrial durability to provide end-to-end connectivity for the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Targeted at the sheer amount of isolated equipment in factories, the NIO series features strong support for Modbus communication, internet connectivity, and MQTT protocol to get field data all the way from the edge to the cloud.

Product Model Name OS Module Support LAN/COM/mPCIe Power
2bde87a0-00a9-4f57-83e6-36366fbde782 CPS 100   new-blank.gif Linux Wi-Fi module 2 x LAN
1 x COM
1 x mPCIe
6e4ec652-75ab-428c-8738-96144f81ee3a CPS 200   new-blank.gif Linux Wi-Fi/ 3G/
2 x LAN
2 x COM
24 VDC
19869b6d-ab80-4421-9740-c85b3262339e NIO 50 FreeRTOS IEEE 802.11
bgn 1x1
1/1/1 9~36 VDC
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