Industrial Wi-Fi

NEXCOM Industrial Wi-Fi is specially designed to support mesh and fast roaming functions, which can enhance long range wireless coverage and mobility connectivity. The Industrial Wi-Fi offers a wide range of products in versatile deployments from light duty to heavy industrial applications.

Product Model Name Wireless Standard RF/ Antenna/
Installation Power
edda1f6e-0fa8-4578-8c01-e7fd7e72733f IWF 2220 802.11b/g/n +
2x2 MIMO
2/4/1/4 Indoor 12V & 1xPoE
c24bc16e-e5a5-4bbf-b473-0fea4d15c00a IWF 300 802.11an+
802.11 b/g/n
2/2/1/4 Indoor 12V,1.5A
93076454-ff9d-45e5-8b23-acc68be13b09 IWF 310 802.11an+
802.11 b/g/n
2x2 MIMO
2/2/1/4 Indoor 12V,1.5A
3a15acde-ddaf-459b-b5d1-e8ec43a91a10 IWF 3310XH/
2x2 MIMO
1/2/1/1 Indoor 2 x DC 12~48V &
1 x PoE (802.3at)
26dfda88-c10c-4181-baa1-36491eac74e4 IWF 3320X 802.11a/b/g/n
2x2 MIMO
2/4/1/2 Indoor 9~36V & 1x PoE
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