ACEK 3354-7P

SMARC Starter-Kit, TI SitaraTM AM3354, ARM® Cortex™ A8 Bootable SD, DDR3 512MB, eMMC 4GB on ACES 3354 Integrated ACEB-35 with 7” LVDS/ WVGA, 7” Capacitive Touch
  • Main Feature
  • SMARC STD 1.0 compliant ARM® Cortex™ A8 Starter-Kit
  • TI- AM3354, ARM® Cortex™ A8 720MHz, build-in SGX530 Graphic Accelerator
  • Onboard 512MB DDR3, 4GB eMMC and bootable SD on the carrier board
  • Support GbE, USB, USB-OTG, 2UART, Audio, DCAN, I2S, 3x I2C and 8 x GPIO
  • Build-in 7” LVDS LCD, WVGA with 7” capacitive Touch
  • Integrated AC/ DC adapter for DC + 12V @ 3A input
  • BSP ready to support Windows Compact 7.0
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Form factor ACES 3354: SMARC STD 1.0 compliance with 314pins connector, 82 x 50mm ACEB-35: SMARC STD 1.0 compliance with 314pins socket, 146 x 105 x 16mm (height) ACEK 3354-7P: Bakelite Tabletop Box, 260 x 135 x 60mm (height)
Processor Build-in Texas Instruments AM3354 ZCZ 324-pin PBGA, Cortex™ A8 up to 720MHz
Power Management IC PMIC TPS65910A3 integrated w/ 4 DC/DCs, 8 LDOs and RTC in 6 x 6mm QFN
System Memory SDRAM: DDR3 512MB Flash: eMMC 4GB (compliant eMMC 4.41) SPI Flash: 8Mbit
Display Graphic Accelerator: SGX530 2D/ 3D Accelerator
- Industry-Standard API support: Direct3D Mobile, OpenGL ES1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG 1.0.1
- Support (USSE) Universal Scalable Shader Engine
Display Interfaces
- LVDS: Default 800 x 480 (24bit) for 7" LCD/ LVDS
- TTL: Reserved design interface for resolution up to 1024 x 768@60Hz
7" LVDS Display: 7" WVGA (800 x 480) default LCD for ACEK 3354-7P starter-kit
- LED backlight
7" Touch: 7" Projected Capacitive Touch Panel
- Default single point touch for Windows Compact 7.0
- Optional multi touch up to 5 x points
Connectivity Network: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet by RJ45 USB#0: Onboard USB Hub GENESYS: GL850G for 2 x USB 2.0 Host USB#1: USB-OTG by Mini AB type connector SDIO: up to 2 x MMC/ SD UART4: (TX, RX, CTS#, RTS#) 1 x for Debug UART5: DB9, RS232/ RS422/ RS485 pre-selected by SW2
- 16C750 compatibility
- Auto-baud between 1200 bps and 115.2 Kbps
SPI: One Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) interfaces I2C: Two Inter-Integrated Circuit interfaces General Purpose I/O: Programmable 8 x GPIO signals on JP4 10-pins header DCAN: Dual CAN interfaces support bitrates up to 1 Mbit/s CAN 2.0B protocol (ISO 11898-1)
- Logic level signals from Module based CAN bus protocol controllers RXD, TXD only
- Two Module GPIOs reserved for optional use as CAN bus error status
Audio Code: TLV320AIC3101 Speaker-out: 1W/ch. Into 8Ω at 5V Watchdog Timer interface
System Environment Power Input: DC 5V +/- 5% ( supply by ULP-COM/ MXM3.0 interface) Power Consumption: DC + 5V/ 0.4A typical 2.0W to 3.2W during active operation Dimensions: 10 Environment
- Operating temperatures: 0°C to 40°C
- Storage temperature: -20°C to 85°C
- Relative humidity: 10% to 90%, (Non-condensing)
Certifications: Meet CE/ FCC class A
BSP Support The Board Support Package for Windows Compact 7.0 includes some different levels software
- MLO: CPU loader
- EBOOT: Bootloader
- NK: Windows Compact 7.0 OS IMAGE
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