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Industrial Computing Solutions

NEXCOM provides a wide range of industrial computing solutions for increasing demands of industrial environments, including high performance fanless computers, medical computers, various sizes of multi-media Panel PC and applied Panel PC, full-size single board computers, COM Express with competence center services, versatile embedded boards, embedded computers, machinery computers, innovative POS solutions and intelligent security surveillance systems.


Embedded Computing
Industrial Fanless Computer
Industrial Rackmount Computer
Industrial Wireless Solutions
IoT Solutions
  • NEXCOM IoT Gateway is a great solution for cloud applications in Industrial 4.0 era, collecting data from connected sensors or IoT devices via wired or wireless and transmitting to the cloud thru diverse WAN (Wide Area Network) projects. The IoT Gateway solution equips with customized sensor interface with customized filedbus protocols. To meet industrial environmental challenges, NEXCOM also provides services to help customers win projects and achieve time to market.

  • IoT Gateway
  • NIO 100
Machine Automation
Panel PC
PC-based Factory Automation
Software Solution
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