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IoT Automation Solutions

NEXCOM provides a wide range of industrial computing solutions for increasing demands of industrial environments, including high performance fanless computers, medical computers, various sizes of multi-media Panel PC and applied Panel PC, full-size single board computers, COM Express with competence center services, versatile embedded boards, embedded computers, machinery computers, innovative POS solutions and intelligent security surveillance systems.


Industrial Fanless Computer
Industrial Wireless Solutions
Industry Firewall Solution
  • The CoreFort™ series is a fully integrated industrial multi-port firewall router with VPN function, the CoreFort™Industry Firewall provides a remote access infrastructure to secure connections, and helps machine builder/system integrator to design easily maintained systems. Furthermore, its tough fully-rugged design is ideal for harsh environment applications. With wide temperature range to 70°C (158°F) degree, it offers reliable communication network in extreme temperature conditions.


    Pairing VPN capabilities, the CoreFort™ Industry Firewall series is an ideal endpoint connectivity and security solution for industrial automation, process control, energy and medical instrument remote maintenance application.

  • IFA 1610 IFA 2610 IFA 3610
IoT Solutions
  • NEXCOM IoT solutions are positioned to enable the industrial IoT applications that transform field data to valuable information, making possible business intelligence in each vertical industry. NEXCOM IoT solutions realize End-to-End (E2E) IoT applications by offering a cloud–ready platform which connects sensor networks, intelligent systems, and edge gateways with wide area Wi-Fi and cloud-ready integration. NEXCOM IoT solutions consists of IoT gateway, IoT platform, and industrial Wi-Fi solutions that are designed for new Industry 4.0 visions for smart city, smart manufacturing, smart grid, smart machine, and beyond. To provide practical E2E IoT solutions, NEXCOM has partnered with major worldwide IoT solution players including p Intel, Wind River, and IBM.

  • IoT Gateway
  • CPS 100 CPS 200 NIO 50
  • IoT Studio
  • IoT Studio V1.2
  • IWSN Gateway
  • NIO 200 HAG NIO 200 IAG NIO 200 IDG NIO 200 IDR NIO 50 NIO 51
Machine Automation
Panel PC
PC-based Factory Automation
Software Solution
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