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April 21, 2022

VIP 1000 Extends Full HD HDMI over IP for Passenger Information and Infotainment Systems

NEXCOM has a new Full HD HDMI over IP system for public transport applications that extends HDMI signals to over 100m and makes the broadcast of video in in-vehicle PIS (Passenger Information Systems) and infotainment systems simpler and easier.


VIP 1000 Extends Full HD HDMI over IP for Passenger Information and Infotainment Systems


The major problem with HDMI is the cable length limitations. A typical 12-meter long city bus already exceeds the recommended limits of HDMI, so alternative video broadcast approaches are needed. One option is additional video sources closer to the screens, but that’s a costly approach that adds complexity.


The more efficient and widely used option is video extenders that transmit video data over an Ethernet network. This approach works well, but many video extenders are of dubious quality, often only intended for consumer applications and lacking the essential E-mark verification.


NEXCOM’s VIP 1000T/R is a new E-mark certified in-vehicle HDMI extender over IP solution designed specifically for railway and bus public transport PIS and infotainment, that works over standard networking hardware, uses common industry standards, and outputs to multiple displays up to 100m away.

Unicast, Daisy Chain and Multicast for Multi-Display Support up to 100m

The NEXCOM system manages to overcome distance limitations by leveraging widely-used networking standards that reliably deliver data over long distances. Instead of complex solutions to overcome the limitations of HDMI, the VIP 1000-T/R solution sends the video signal over commonly available network cables. The VIP 1000-T transmitter takes the source HDMI signal, encodes the video using the H.264 codec then sends that data over the 1000Mbps IP network. At the display end, the VIP 1000-R receiver receives the data, decodes it, then broadcasts the video through not just one, but two Full HD HDMI outputs. To support even more displays, the receiver has another RJ-45 network port to act as an in-vehicle video DaisyChain extender. Furthermore, multiple transmitters can deliver different videos over the same network via external switch devices, and you can select the correct signal through a web interface.

E-mark Certified for Seamless Integration in Public Vehicles

E-mark is the de facto industry standard for certifying electronics for use in public vehicles. Originally implemented for use in Europe, this standard certifies electronic equipment for reliability in harsh vehicle environments. The transmitter and receiver support 9-36Vdc input, suitable for the most commonly used voltages in vehicles, and with the capability to handle voltage fluctuations that can ruin equipment designed for fixed 5/12Vdc input. The system is completely plug and play, and in the case of multiple transmitters, a web interface is available to select the correct one.

Non-Proprietary Technologies for Maximum Compatibility

Adopting commonly used standards and widely available technologies is the cornerstone of compatibility and reliability in every computer setting, avoiding the pitfalls of expensive vendor lock-in. The H.264 codec used for video compression is widely used in IP-based video systems and provides efficient compression of high-quality video for fast transmission over the network. Standard RJ-45 ports connect to standard Cat5e/6 Ethernet cables, so installation uses tools already likely to be found on-site and with a connection interface almost everyone is familiar with.

Break Free of HDMI Limits for In-Vehicle PIS and Infotainment Systems

Overall, the VIP 1000 is the ideal choice for the easy setup of displays for railway and in-vehicle PIS and infotainment systems in any vehicle and railway, smashing the conventional limits of HDMI and letting you use technologies you’re familiar with to extend video broadcast to anywhere in the vehicle. And all while maintaining the certified quality of E-mark.

Main Features

  • Full HD HDMI (1.4b) extender over IP
  • Wide-range 9-36Vdc input voltage
  • E-mark for in-vehicle application
  • Plug and Play
  • 2 x Full HD HDMI output
  • Unicast, daisy chain and multicast support
  • Selectable video source
  • Integrated two-port LAN switch

Ordering Information

VIP 1000-T (P/N: 10V30100000X0)

Full HD HDMI over IP transmitter

VIP 1000-R (P/N: 10V30100001X0)

Full HD HDMI over IP receiver


To read the flyer, please download the PDF.

Download Flyer: VIP 1000 Extends Full HD HDMI over IP for Passenger Information and Infotainment Systems

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