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February 29, 2024

Unleash the potential of multiple AI and edge applications with the Neu-X304

AI is at the forefront of the newest and most exciting technology, automating tasks ordinarily accomplished by humans, and saving valuable time and resources. Consequently, multimedia displays have become richer and more dynamic in showcasing and presenting data. Yet developing computers powerful enough to propel this technology forward has often been challenging. Thankfully, NEXCOM has risen to the challenge with its latest edge computing system, the Neu-X304.


Unleash the potential of multiple AI and edge applications with the Neu-X304


The Neu-X304 series is an industrial-grade, fanless edge computing system with superb CPU performance powered by 13th and 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Its Intel® UHD Graphics 770 engine makes eye-catching visuals possible, while three independent HDMI 2.0 outputs at 4K@60Hz can bring those graphics to life. Furthermore, a plethora of I/Os are available: two COM ports, eight USB ports, one mic-in, one line-out, one remote switch, and two LANs - as well as Wi-Fi and LTE/5G expansion slots - which provide requisite connectivity. All of these exciting features make the Neu-X304 series the ideal choice for healthcare services, public transportation monitoring, digital educational systems, AI recognition, and data center cloud computing uses.

Always connected: the foundation of edge computing

Edge computing demands continuous connectivity, so multiple options must be at your fingertips. The Neu-X304 offers LAN ports for 2.5GbE network connections and expansion slots for LTE/5G and Wi-Fi/BT opportunities. For critical IoT data collection tasks, it’s equipped with two RS232/422/485 and two RS232 ports, providing choices for effortless connections to sensors. By leveraging its cutting-edge Intel® Core™ CPU power, Neu-X304 demonstrates exceptional recognition capability in pattern checking and objection detection. The edge computing system unequivocally helps make faster data-driven decisions for indispensable smart city tasks that include smart warehouse optimization, precision marketing for retail businesses, and building energy management.

Vivid graphics come to life

Compelling visuals are now possible with the onboard Intel® UHD Graphics 770 engine’s cutting-edge image inference capabilities. Offering up to 32 graphics execution units (EUs), the GPU breathes life into eye-catching visuals, while delivering up to 1.94x times faster graphics performance compared to the previous-generation engine. Enjoy graphics on a triple display by utilizing the three individual HDMI 2.0 outputs. The Neu-X304’s breakthrough CPU/GPU combination effectively unlocks the AI computing potential necessary in sports medicine and rehabilitation fields and facilitates high-definition graphic performance needed to display healthcare data.

Revitalize the retail experience

During the COVID pandemic, retailers needed to digitalize quickly and efficiently so that they could deliver services without space and time limitations. This ushered in a new wave of technological developments, allowing customers to experience more interaction and stimulation when purchasing. In tandem with these developments, the Neu-X304 includes assorted I/Os that can meet the demands of the most forward-looking retailers and hospitality providers. Ample USB and COM ports can connect with barcode scanners, thermal printers for self-service kiosks, and electronic menu boards. Combine multiple displays and other I/Os, such as sensors or cameras, to enliven and complete your building security system.

Main Features

  • 13/12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 processors, up to 35W
  • Dual channel DDR5 SO-DIMM, max up to 64GB
  • Support 3 x HDMI 2.0 output, 4K@60Hz
  • Dual Intel® LAN ports
  • Rich Interface : 2 x COM ports, 8 x USB port, Mic-in, Line-out
  • TPM 2.0 onboard
  • Support Intel® AMT technology (Q670E only)
  • Multiple expansion slots: M.2 2280 Key M for storage, M.2 2230 Key E for Wi-Fi module, M.2 3052 Key B for LTE/5G module
  • Power Input:12V DC or 12~24V DC (Q670E only)

Ordering Information

Neu-X304-Q (P/N: 10W10X30405X0)

12/13th Gen Intel® Core ™ Edge Computing fanless system w/ Intel® PCH Q670E, 3 x HDMI, 12-24V DC

Neu-X304-H (P/N:10W10X30401X0)

12/13th Gen Intel® Core ™ Edge Computing fanless system w/ Intel® PCH H610E, 3 x HDMI, 12V DC only

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