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December 09, 2021

NEXCOM Makes Drive-Thru Coffee Quick and Easy

NEXCOM Makes Drive-Thru Coffee Quick and Easy

For urban dwellers, speed is the name of the game. The less time the dweller waits for food and drinks, the better the impression of the restaurant - and customer service scores. It’s no wonder that drive-thru services have been such a blessing to customers, especially during the pandemic, as it simultaneously reduces person-to-person contact and promotes touchless, safe ordering. In Taiwan, a well-known coffee chain tasked NEXCOM to help with its drive-thru rollout to replicate its impeccable in-store service.


First, the drive-thru system needed to link to display boards that duplicated and presented information that was available in-store, also with eye-catching graphics. The system also needed to support video cameras to view passengers as soon as they drove up to the display boards. Furthermore, the coffee chain wanted a system that could quickly and accurately process information so that the drive-thru customer service experience was on par with in-store.


NEXCOM Makes Drive-Thru Coffee Quick and Easy


NEXCOM came to the rescue with its powerful, high-performance digital signage player NDiS B360. The latest 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and integrated UHD or Iris® X® graphics engine (depending on CPU) allowed the box player to push information via HDMI or DP quickly and dynamically to ordering displays with rich 4K visuals. For the coffee chain’s convenience, NDiS B360 also had an array of I/O interfaces to support peripherals, such as video cameras.


Offsite and remote management was a breeze with NEXCOM’s embedded computer. It could connect through one of two LAN ports to upload and download from the Taipei server center, no matter where the store was. For peace of mind, it even included Intel’s vPro management platform to control the computer remotely in case of emergencies and system failures.


Finally, cementing its practicality for drive-thru systems, the NDiS B360’s thermal design and operating temperature of -20 to 60°C allowed the embedded computer to stand in semi-outdoor environments. At the same time, its fanless construction meant that operations were noise-free. All of these customer-centric features are just some of the many reasons NEXCOM has become the choice partner for the restaurant industry.


Application Diagram


Digital Signage Player - NDiS B360 Application Diagram


Digital Signage Player - NDiS B360Key Features for Application Needs

  • 11th Generation Intel® Core™ (Tiger Lake-UP3) processor SoC
  • Dual 4K @ 60Hz display output, DP++, HDMI 2.0
  • Support 4K @ 60Hz eDP display output
  • Dual LAN ports and 4 x USB 3.0 ports for easy connection
  • Compact and slim design (H: 36mm)
  • Onboard M.2 2280 Key M with PCIe signal for storage modules
  • Onboard M.2 2230 Key E for optional Wi-Fi modules
  • Support extended temperature for outdoor application
  • Fanless design
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