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March 30, 2021

NEXCOM Delivers a Cine-magic Solution

NEXCOM Delivers a Cine-magic SolutionVisual projections, whether in art installation or traditional cinema form, transport us to other times and places, a welcome distraction especially in the era of COVID-19. In the future, when the epidemic is under control and protective measures are thoroughly enforced, high-quality digital projection will continue to be in great demand. NEXCOM’s client, a worldwide distributor of audio-visual systems, needed to find a solution to replace and modernize clients’ cinema projectors to prepare for forthcoming indoor and outdoor projection mapping needs.


More specifically, NEXCOM was tasked with supplying the computing engine and customizing its services to help the company fulfill the requirements of clients across the globe. The computer needed to be compact and budget-friendly, yet powerful enough to drive its large-scale cinema projector. In addition, the client called for NEXCOM to design accessories such as touch display and cable to easily connect the display to the projector.

NEXCOM Delivers a Cine-magic Solution

NEXCOM offered a cinema projector solution based on a computer-on-module (COM), with customized 10” touchscreen controls and three-in-one cable that combined USB, VGA, and DC inputs. With the durable construction and modular design, the client could save money; it could keep the same projector long-term and swap out components as needed. The centerpiece of the projector was the ICES 620X COM, highlighted by an embedded Intel Atom® E3800 processor, offering affordability and energy efficiency, especially critical as digital projections can consume considerable amounts of power. The ICES 620X also integrated Intel’s Gen7 graphic engine for exceptional high-definition display, while including peripheral USB and VGA ports.


For convenience, NEXCOM tailor made the three-in-one cable which connected the COM to the external touch display, a smaller version of NEXCOM’s XPPC series displays, but large enough for users to effortlessly operate the projector. In addition, NEXCOM provided shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) to ensure that these expensive components were well protected and avoided malfunctions.


NEXCOM once again demonstrates that it keeps customers top of mind in delivering comprehensive, specially made solutions.


Application Diagram

NEXCOM Delivers a Cine-magic Solution


Applied Panel PC-Monitor-APPD 1000T-CDKey Features for Application Needs

  • 10.1”, 16:10 LCD Panel
  • 4-wire, resistive touch panel sensor
  • 1 x VGA, 1 x USB, 1 x lockable DC Power Jack
  • Dimension 248.2 x 166.8 x 36.3mm
  • Linux OS, Windows XP & Win 7
  • 1G peak, 5~500Hz(Random)
  • 15G peak acceleration (11 msec. duration)
  • CE/FCC Class A, RoHS Compliant
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