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May 25, 2011

Trusted Patrolling Fanless Computer with Built-In DVD Combo

Winning the Police Project with NEXCOM NISE Series

Fanless PC Application Story-NISE 3145In the never ending fight against crime, police forces throughout the UK are increasingly using digital video recorders as a way of capturing vital evidence. To meet these requirements a UK based pioneer in flexible covert systems has launched a range of intelligent digital video recorder which is based on NEXCOM's high performance NISE series fanless computers that guarantee industrial-grade reliability, functionality and performance.

Application Requirements

When selecting a hardware platform developers were looking for an off-the shelf fanless computers solution with an excellent reputation for reliability, functionality and performance. It is for that reason, that the developer selected NEXCOM as its hardware supplier. In particular, developers were looking for a fanless PC which had the following specifications.

  • Built-in DVD player/rewriter device to enable video evidence to be recorded.
  • A rugged fanless design which guarantees outdoor operation and minimal engineering effort.
  • A flexible configuration, which can support the installation of various capture cards and add-on devices via PCI/PCIe expansion slots.
  • A scalable platform to meet different needs. With socket-type processor, developers can choose from entry-level single-core to advanced Core™ 2 Duo CPU to fit application needs.
  • Embedded advanced graphic engine to support high resolution real-time display.
  • For multi-channel surveillance applications which require two PCI slots available for optional DVR/CCTV cards.
    (NISE 3140P2)
Fanless PC Application-NISE 3145

NEXCOM Solutions


NISE 3145 is constructed from fanless design and the finest industrial grade components giving it reliability under harsh environments and long term product support which at the same time minimize engineering effort.


NISE 3145 is equipped with a built-in DVD player/rewriter to enable police evidence to be recorded. IP/Network is also available for convenient remote operation and IP camera connection.


NISE 3145 also has flexible configuration ability. To enable NISE 3145 to be connected to a range of peripheral devices, such as camera and display, NISE 3145 is equipped with a multitude of I/O interfaces, including 3x RS232 and 1x RS232/ 422/ 485 via DB44 Connector, USB2.0/ VGA/ DVI/ Parallel Interface and Dual 10/100/1000 LAN Ports.


In addition, for multi-channel surveillance applications which require two PCI slots for DVR/CCTV cards, NEXCOM offered the NISE 3140P2 Industrial fanless PC to meet the requirement.


Fanless PC Application-NISE 3145


NEXCOM offers a scalable platform to meet application needs. With socket-type processor, developers can choose processor ranges from Celeron® up to Core™ 2 Duo according to their needs and project budget. Moreover, NISE 3145 also comes with built-in advanced graphic engine, which enhances high resolution real-time video display.


Designed to comply with UK Home Office regulations, this NISE 3145 based platform has now been adopted by a number of UK Police Forces. In addition, the developer was happy that NEXCOM used its considerable OEM/ODM experience to customize and rebrand the NISE 3145 in line with their requirements. Not only that, NEXCOM's UK based Sales and Technical Centre were able to offer localized support which helped the developer to win the police project.

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