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November 03, 2010

Triumph in Intel Embedded Workshop Malaysia 2010

NEXCOM, a leading digital signage solution supplier, was invited to join Intel Embedded Workshop in Malaysia from 4th Oct to 5th Oct, 2010. At the workshop, NEXCOM provided hands-on experience in PowerDigis products from both technical and sales perspectives for Intel Channel Partners. The workshop focused on four vertical markets, which were storage, DSS, digital signage and POS solutions in the channel. In addition, Intel shared their vision for embedded devices to enable future cooperation with channel partners. Eight ODMs were invited to showcase their products and give presentations. In addition, ODMs could explore business opportunities whilst engaging with the channel through in-depth downloads, compelling demos, and matchmaking meetings.


NEXCOM booth at Intel Embedded Workshop Malaysia 2010.

PDS 7740-powerful video wall signage playerShowcase

The venue was set up as fashion arena, and in-line with this theme, the NEXCOM display was inspired by a "fashion retail store". The display was driven by the PDS 7740 , a video wall appliance which can output to multiple displays and support vibrant flash content and high-definition video. By showcasing a combination of flash content and high-definition catwalk videos the PDS PDS 7740 became the most attractive product at the venue.

PDS 7740-powerful video wall signage player

The 8.9" PDSP 0810, an all-in-one multi-media panel PC, is equipped with touch screen and preloaded with PowerDigis software. With well-designed content, PDSP 0810 is capable of showing relevant content in two different displays, thus enriching the shopping experience, and making shopping more fun.




Steven Wu, the Vice President of Multi-Media Solutions and Mobile Computing Solutions at NEXCOM, was invited to deliver a speech at the workshop. As an expert in the digital signage market with years of experience, Steven shared his industrial insights, and pinpointed the future industry trends and evolution.

The Win-Win Business Model

The streamlined cooperation, at this great Intel workshop was definitely a win-win model for attending businesses. It offered a great opportunity to demonstrate product concepts as well as powerful applications. NEXCOM believes the hand-in-hand collaboration is not only mutually beneficial, but also a powerful force to accelerate the digital signage revolution. NEXCOM looks forward to future cooperation with valued partners in order to make a difference.

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