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June 08, 2023

The Neu-X101-6C-DC Edge Computing System Streamlines Data Collection and Remote Monitoring

In the past, global issues such as inefficient energy usage, poor resource allocation, and limited productivity were prevalent across various industries, including small scale industries, hospitals, and factories. These problems were caused by the inability to collect real-time data and monitor critical environmental factors such as temperature and humidity remotely. As a result, it was challenging to identify areas that required improvement, leading to wastage of resources and inefficient operations. Moreover, inaccurate or incomplete data collection made it difficult to make informed decisions, further exacerbating these issues. NEXCOM’s Neu-X101-6C-DC is a highly innovative fanless device that serves as an IoT gateway and can be used for various applications, such as kiosks, automated machines, self-service machines, and much more. It is designed to solve these problems by providing streamlined data collection and remote monitoring capabilities. This enables industries to optimize energy usage, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. With the Neu-X101, businesses can control automation, collect accurate and complete data, make informed decisions, as well as identify areas for improvement.


The Neu-X101-6C-DC Edge Computing System
Streamlines Data Collection and Remote Monitoring

Enhance Efficiency and Optimize Energy Usage

This compact edge computing system offers streamlined data collection and real-time remote monitoring of critical environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and light levels, providing an essential tool for optimizing energy usage and increasing efficiency in small-scale operations. This automated machine features an upgraded power source with a terminal block and an extended voltage range of 9~24V, making it an ideal and flexible solution for small factories, agriculture, fishery, and various industries with limited space.

Efficient and Versatile Data Collection and Monitoring

The Neu-X101-6C-DC’s connectivity to the cloud server through GbE LAN allows for remote observation and statistical analysis of data through IoT gateway Cloud computing. Additionally, its fanless design enhances reliability and efficiency, making it a suitable option for real-time data collection and remote monitoring in harsh industrial environments. Equipped with an Intel® Celeron® J3455 processor, two HDMI outputs for multi-display, two GbE ports, and four USB ports, its compact size and high-performance capabilities make it a versatile solution for various data collection and monitoring needs.

Robust and Versatile

Moreover, the Neu-X101-6C-DC’s six COM port module allows for an all-in-one solution for RS 485 data collection from multiple sources. Its supported operating temperature of -5°C to 50°C makes it an ideal in applications including automated machine, parking payment machine, coin machine, kiosk, IoT gateway device, and much more.


The Neu-X101 provides a reliable and efficient solution for real-time data collection for applications such as, factory automation control and remote monitoring via IoT gateway cloud computing, enhancing productivity and efficiency in factories.

Main Features

  • Onboard Intel® Celeron® processor J3455
  • Support 1 x RS232/422/485, 4 x RS485, 1 x RS232
  • Dual HDMI 4K@30Hz independent display
  • Support wide range of DC input from 9~24V
  • Palm size for IoT edge computer application

Ordering Information

Neu-X101-6C-DC (P/N: 10W10X10106X2)

Fanless edge computing system powered by Intel® Celeron® processor J3455 with 6 x COM ports

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