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December 03, 2019

Stay Ahead of Business Rivals with the High-Performance
NISE 3900 Fanless Computer

NEXCOM is proud to introduce a new series of reliable and high-performance fanless computers, the NISE 3900, which features advanced performance with its 8th Generation Intel® Core™ CPU and flexibility in functional expansion. NISE 3900 is also designed with a variety of I/O interfaces and wire/wireless transmission abilities to cope with the increasing demand for edge computing and IoT applications.


Stay Ahead of Business Rivals with the High-Performance NISE 3900 Fanless Computer


Wide Range of High Performance CPU Options
With its unique heat dissipation design, the NISE 3900 series is a high-performance fanless computer, powered by an Intel® 8th Generation Core™ Coffee Lake series i7/i5/i3 LGA socket CPU. Easy replacement from a wide range of Intel® 8th Generation i7/i5/i3 CPUs allows customers to manage and determine desired levels of CPU performance based on individual business requirements and budgets. In the last 11 years Intel® Core i5 and i7 CPUs have only featured four cores. Coffee Lake, however, has changed this, in that only Core i3 CPUs have four cores while i5 and i7 CPUs now support six cores. Intel® also guarantees availability of the NISE 3900’s embedded desktop CPU for 15 years, vital for industrial applications. Achieving CPU benchmarks of >45% over the NISE 3800 series, the NISE 3900 series is best used for big data analytics and edge server applications.


High Scalability Satisfies Diverse Demands
The NISE 3900 also satisfies the needs of rapidly growing IoT applications with its great flexibility in card selection. Not only equipped with PCI slots, it’s also configured with the latest PCIe cards, offering versatile connectivity with different cards, such as capture, video, USB, and LAN cards. Depending on expansion requirements, customers can easily choose between one PCIe and two PCI/PCIe cards. For big data collection and analysis, which requires mammoth storage, the NISE 3900R, which supports two hard drive spaces, is definitely the right fit. For the customer looking for a competitively priced model, the NISE 3900E-H310 is a good choice. With such versatility, the NISE 3900 series can also be used for numerous applications, such as factory automation, the logistics industry, e-charging stations, and so on.

Model Name
NISE 3900E
1 x PCIe x4
1 x HDD space
NISE 3900E-H310
NISE 3900E2
2 x PCIe x4

2 x HDD space
supported by optional kit

NISE 3900P2
2 x PCI x4
NISE 3900P2E

1 x PCI + 1 x PCIe x4

NISE 3900R
2 x HDD


Rich Connectivity
Customers not only benefit from the adaptability of the NISE 3900 series but also its rich I/O interface. It has three independent displays via DVI-D, DP, and HDMI connections, the latter two able to display 4K/2K resolutions simultaneously. There are also a number of choices for storage, with one front-accessible M.2 slot and up to two 2.5" SATA hard drives. Two COM and 10 USB ports are also equipped for the greatest utility in packing and dispatching services. Even more, the NISE 3900 series supports TPM2.0 onboard and contains three LAN ports, one of which supports iAMT for remote network management, whose efficiency lowers maintenance costs.


The NISE 3900 series is the best solution for IoT gateway and and edge server applications with its traditional connectivity via RS232/RS422/RS485, for legacy data communication, and wireless transmission by mini-PCIe and M.2 devices, for optional Wi-Fi and LTE modules. An optional interface for four GPI channels, four GPO channels, and two internal COM ports is also available for additional needs.


Maintaining popular features of our NISE 3xxx solutions, such as wide input voltage of +9V to 30V and extended operating temperature ranges between -5 to 55°C, while adding exceptional processing power, extended flexibility, and rich connectivity, the NISE 3900 series is a diverse and extremely reliable system for multiple industries, such as CNC machines and 3D laser makers in machine automation, as well as big data analysis and process controls in agricultural and marine industries.

Main Features

  • Support 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 LGA socket type embedded processor
  • Intel® Q370/H310 PCH
  • Support 1 x 2.5" SATA HDD
  • 1 x DVI-D, 1 x DP, and 1 x HDMI with independent display support
  • Three Intel® GbE LAN ports; support WoL, teaming and PXE
  • 1 x External M.2 socket and 1 x SIM card socket
  • 6 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x RS232/422/485 with auto flow control
  • 1 x Internal mini-PCIe socket support optional Wi-Fi/3.5G/4G LTE
  • Support +9V to 30VDC input; ATX power mode

Ordering Information

NISE 3900E system (P/N: 10J00390000X0)

8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 fanless system with one PCIe x4 expansion

NISE 3900E-H310 system (P/N: 10J00390006X0)

8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 fanless system with one PCIe x4 expansion

NISE 3900E2 system (P/N: 10J00390001X0)

8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 fanless system with two PCIe x4 expansions

NISE 3900P2 system (P/N: 10J00390002X0)

8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 fanless system with two PCI expansions

NISE 3900P2E system (P/N: 10J00390003X0)

8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 fanless system with one PCI and one PCIe x4 expansion

NISE 3900R system (P/N: 10J00390004X0)

8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 fanless system with two external 2.5" HDDs bracket to support RAID 0/1

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