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December 14, 2011

NEXCOM Recognized as Windows Embedded Partner

NEXCOM Recognized as Windows Embedded PartnerNEXCOM, a provider of digital infrastructure solutions, has been chosen as a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner. NEXCOM has committed to offer Industrial Computer (IPC) in vertical markets and provides competitive technology edges for a worldwide client base. The company has been able to quickly launch technology-leading platforms and provide its partners and clients a wide variety of products and applications.


"As a Windows Embedded Partner, NEXCOM gives our partners and clients added value," said Clement Lin, Chairman and CEO of NEXCOM. "In the future, resources from the Windows Embedded Partner Program on marketing and technology development can help NEXCOM provide clients more cutting-edge products and professional service."


"At Microsoft, we are pleased to recognize NEXCOM for their innovation and expertise with the Windows Embedded platforms and technologies," said John Boladian, marketing director for Windows Embedded APAC at Microsoft. "By leveraging the power of Windows Embedded Standard 7, NEXCOM has showcased advanced applications for the health care, retail service and industrial automation industries that capitalize on the full potential of intelligent systems in the enterprise."


The Windows Embedded Partner Program is a strategic worldwide program that provides partners like NEXCOM with increased business opportunities, market awareness, and technology advice, support and training. As NEXCOM creates market applications, their feedback can be used in Windows Embedded's technology development.


NEXCOM has rolled out several products based on Windows Embedded for health care, retail service, and industrial automation industries. For more information on Windows Embedded products, please visit: http://www.microsoft.com/taiwan/buywindowsembedded/

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