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August 18, 2016

NEXCOM OPS Player Fuels QSR Growth in Western Asia

NEXCOM OPS Player Fuels QSR Growth in Western AsiaNEXCOM's OPS player helps a quick service restaurant (QSR) chain press ahead with its fast expansion plan. Already serving a global customer base, the QSR chain has set on an expansion spree to increase its presence in Western Asia. With the goal of opening a new store outfitted with digital menu boards every other week, the dire need for efficient execution has led the QSR chain to NEXCOM NDiS M535.


In Western Asia, setting up a store in two weeks' time can be a daunting task. With technical support being costly and hard to reach in such a sparsely populated area, meeting the QSR chain's ambitious schedules requires digital menu boards to be easy to install for rapid deployment and always up and running for continuous operation.


Designed by the open pluggable specification (OPS), NEXCOM NDiS M535 features plug-and-play compatibility with third-party OPS monitors. It spares engineers the time and effort associated with wiring power cords and signal cables and troubleshooting nuisance issues like blue screen, allowing for quick and frictionless installation. As to operational efficiency, the NDiS M535 can be managed remotely and require low maintenance. To launch a nationwide or regional campaign, the QSR chain can simply update contents to local stores from its central office.

NEXCOM OPS Player Fuels QSR Growth in Western Asia

Also, system availability is maximized since engineers can monitor and diagnose the health status of every NDiS M535 over the network. Taking advantage of remote access, engineers can turn on/off any NDiS M535 and interact with it as if they were on site, addressing minor glitches even when an OPS player is off or not booted properly and dispatching software patches during off hours.


Application Diagram

OPS Player - NDiS M535 Application Diagram


OPS Player - NDiS M535Key Features For Application Needs

  • 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processor for fast data processing
  • OPS compliance for great compatibility & upgradeability
  • Remote management for increased system availability
  • Support 3 independent displays for amazing visuals
  • 2x GbE LAN for reliable data transfer
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