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April 09, 2015

NEXCOM Empowers HMI Solution by JMobile Suite and X86-based Panel PC

NEXCOM expands its HMI offerings with JMobile HMI software and X86 panel PC architecture. With its simplified programing, multi-protocol, and Windows 7 supports, JMobile Suite provides simplified setups, flexible operations, and remote monitoring convenience of human machine interfaces based on NEXCOM panel PC selections to foster machine automation.

NEXCOM Empowers HMI Solution by JMobile Suite and X86-based Panel PC

JMobile Suite encompasses multi-language supports, full tool sets, and drag-and-drop features to deliver an intuitive design environment for tailored HMI applications. Also, multiple PLC communication supports including PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU, EtherNet/IP, and more make hassle-free integration with machine tools. Using vector graphics, JMobile Suite allows the HMI to easily be scaled to fit different screen sizes.


JMobile Suite provides Windows 7 support, allowing HMI applications to be put into direct use. In addition, JMobile Suite features built-in HMI symbols, widgets, and advanced functions such as recipes, schedulers that enable plant managers to easily adjust production schedule with a few clicks, thus adding operation efficiency and flexibility.


JMobile Suite allows remote monitoring via smart devices or desktop PCs. Leveraging any mobile device and PC with web browser support, plant managers can check status of HMI screens remotely. Additionally, with alarms and alerts settings, JMobile Suite helps create a safe operation and prevent property damage.

NEXCOM Empowers HMI Solution by JMobile Suite and X86-based Panel PC

NEXCOM panel PC selections come with 4:3 ratio sizes including 8/12/15/17/19 inches while 16:9 ratio available with 15.6/18.5/21.5 inches. They deliver different level of computing performance base on x86-based or ARM-based architecture. Machinery providers and system integrators can pick the best suitable models that meet budget and application needs.


  • World-class HMI software with mobile browser support
  • Microsoft's Windows-based platform provides bigger screens, higher resolution (up to 1920x1080), and more powerful computing capabilities
  • HMI and SoftPLC controls

Ordering Information

APPC0840T+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10IA0840T00X0+6014500020X00)
APPC1240T+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10IA1240T00X0+6014500020X00)
APPC1245T+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10IA1245T00X0+6014500020X00)
APPC1540T+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10IA1540T00X0+6014500020X00)
APPC1740T+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10IA1740T00X0+6014500020X00)
APPC1940T+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10IA1940T00X0+6014500020X00)
IPPC1632P+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10II1632P00X0+6014500020X00)
IPPC2132P+JMobile Runtime (P/N: 10II2132P00X0+6014500020X00)

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