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May 20, 2011

NEXCOM Digital Signage Players Shine at NCR User Conference

Digital Signage Player-NDiS 125-L / NDiS 166NEXCOM were the sole digital signage hardware provider at the NCR User Conference which took place in the USA from the 2nd to 5th May. Participants at the event included high profile grocery, general merchandise and hospitality retailers from across the Americas using one or more of NCR's retail software solutions. In addition, many large retailers, financial institutions and organizations with the Entertainment, Travel, Hospitality and Healthcare industry also attended the Conference. At this event, NCR promoted digital signage solutions from NCR and NEXCOM as a new tool to leverage their users' existing investment.


At the center of the conference, NEXCOM showcased the powerful
NDiS 166 Digital Signage Player and the cost effective NDiS 125-L platform with NCR's Netkey Signage Software. NEXCOM's NDiS 166 is built around the superb technology of Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor with Intel® new HD graphics engine and QM67 chipset. It offers impressive system performance and can easily support dual full-HD video. The
NDiS 125-L is powered by 1.8GHz Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual Core processor. This advanced Intel® based technology boasts 50% better performance than the previous generation of Atom™ N270 CPU, with only a small increase in power consumption. Hyper threading is simultaneously supported for multi-display. Equipped with NVIDIA ION2 GPU, the NDiS 125-L is capable of supporting 1080P video playback.


In the conference, Jasmine Chang, Director of Business Development at NEXCOM USA, gave a presentation relating to trends in digital signage hardware. In her speech, Jasmine concluded that experience, engagement and interaction across a variety of media platforms with rich content, were some of the key market tends. In addition, she also stated that having a suitable high-performance yet extremely reliable Digital Signage Player was critical to success in the Digital Signage Market. NEXCOM meets these criteria with a topnotch range of platforms which surpass users' expectations for reliability and quality.

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