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September 26, 2019

Neu-X100, a Palm-Size Fanless Computer with Full Functionality for Smart City

NEXCOM has launched a multi-connectivity and maintenance free fanless computer, Neu-X100. Featuring compact size yet with full functionality, Neu-X100 can be widely used as retail solution, such as digital signage applications and public information systems. By supporting miniPCIe devices, it is also packed with AI edge feature for smart city.


Neu-X100, a Palm-Size Fanless Computer with Full Functionality for Smart City


Compact yet Full Functionality

With size of 152mm (L) x 106mm (W) x 37mm (H), Neu-X100 is truly a palm size fanless computer. But small does not mean less. Neu-X100 is designed with multi-connectivity interface that ensures scalable device communication. Customer is able to connect devices with Neu-X100 via COM port, Ethernet-based LAN port, WiFi or LTE modules. With ease of connectivity, this stand alone player is ideal across areas, such as digital menu board, self ordering system and public information systems like library, museum and healthcare system.


In addition, the functions and features of Neu-X100 have evolved for smart city. By supporting miniPCIe devices, an AI accelerator card, such as AIBooster card, can be inserted into Neu-X100 that AI analytics can be performed for right data extraction and edge computing, such as facial identification and object detection, can be processed for smart cities and AI applications.


Maintenance Free with Security Fastened

The power adapter of Neu-X100 comes with lockable design to avoid unexpected power loosing. 100% fanless design shows that Neu-X100 is ready for cruel environment to beat dust and humidity. Memory and storage card can be easily changed from the back of the peripheral to minimize loading of future maintenance. By enabling customer to deliver targeted and dynamic visual messaging, this 4K signage player also supports dual displays to increase audience engagement and reduces costs.


Identify the Right Player for Your Business from Different CPU

There are two models for customer to choose from: N3350E and J3455E. Powered by Intel® Celeron® Dual Core CPU, N3350E not only supports dual 4K displays, it also comes with price competitive that meets the expectation of price-sensitive customer. For J3455E, it is equipped with Intel® Celeron® Quad Core CPU which features advanced computing performance. With over 50% higher of CPU mark compared to N3350, J3455E is the best fit for multimedia-driven customers.

Main Features

  • Intel® Apollo Lake N3350/N4200/J3455E processor
  • 3.5” MB size as slim chassis design
  • Support HDMI2.0 output
  • Fanless design
  • mini-PCIe slot support Wi-Fi and LTE module

Ordering Information

Neu-X100-N3350 (P/N: 10W00X10000X0)

Intel® Apollo Lake N3350 processor slim and fanless system

Neu-X100-N4200 (P/N: 10W00X10001X0)

Intel® Apollo Lake N4200 processor slim and fanless system

Neu-X100-J3455E (P/N: TBA)

Intel® Apollo Lake J3455E processor slim and fanless system

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