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Outdoor/Semi-outdoor Signage Solutions

Outdoor/Semi-outdoor Signage Solutions
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More and more quick service restaurant (QSR) operators are considering implementing digital signage to enhance customer engagement, convey brand messages, simplify the ordering process, and make inventory management more effectively. As customers walk into QSRs, they expect to know latest promotions on digital menu boards and self-service kiosks. Going digital has enabled operators to change menu items and prices easily, not to mention more eye-catching displays than static menu boards. Also, when it comes to drive-thru menu boards, it presents a great opportunity to inform customers of everyday offerings and share latest promotions. The pre-sell menu boards and order confirmation systems improve the order accuracy and efficiency at QSRs.

Bring Convenient QSR Dining Experience with Digital Signage 

With various in-store distractions, it's difficult for customers to focus on what the QSR is advertising. However, digital menu boards are able to catch customers' attention and deliver a clear message. NEXCOM Digital Signage Solutions provide reliability and expandability, allowing multiple displays side-by-side (in portrait or landscape mode) playing HD video and pictures. The central server can be remotely updated with menu schedules for real-time promotion, regardless of location. In addition to menu boards, it can also be used as a pre-sell advertising tool. For example, in waiting areas, digital signage can act as a single-source display to broadcast advertisements or upcoming events.

Successful Factors

With over 20 years of experience in the industrial computing, NEXCOM specializes in fanless, industrial-grade systems supporting wide-temperature applications that can be applied to drive-thru applications. Moreover, NEXCOM's fanless and industrial-grade aluminum chassis designs provide the reliability in both indoor and outdoor environments, accommodating variable weather conditions and harsh outdoor environments. For instance, when used indoors, the fanless design helps to prevent grease and dirt accumulation commonly associated in high-temperature, fast food stores.


NEXCOM also provides solutions for wide-temperature outdoor applications that are capable of operating the pre-sell menu boards under extreme weather conditions. For enhanced customer experience, NEXCOM offers a cutting-edge solution integrated with facial recognition software, allowing the system to offer customer's favorite menu, improve customer satisfaction, and create the interactive dinning experience.

NEXCOM's Strengths

NEXCOM's digital signage solutions target QSRs with easy maintenance and cost efficiency to improve productivity and efficiency; this ultimately improves revenue and return on investment (ROI) for businesses. NEXCOM's managed digital signage network gives operators the flexibility and simplicity to control individual display, or as a tiled video wall from a centralized server. Furthermore, NEXCOM digital signage solutions come with standard 2 year warranty and optional extended warranty for up to 5 years. As a global company, NEXCOM can provide the necessary technical support from global software partners and installers with total solutions that benefit businesses across the board.

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