NSA 6310/6310-1GE

1U Rackmount uCPE w/ NXP® Layerscape® Processor, 4 x GbE RJ45 Ports and 2 x LAN Modules
  • Main Feature
  • NXP® LX2160A multicore processor
  • 4 x DDR4 ECC-UDIMM, up to 64GB
  • 1 x M.2 2280
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 with SR-IOV
  • Supports 1/10GbE Ethernet connectivity
  • Supports KVM/QEMU
  • Redundant power supply
  • OS: NXP® LSDK (Ubuntu UserLAnd)
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1U rackmount uCPE NSA 6310, powered by the NXP® Layerscape® LX2160A SoC processor, helps telecom companies build virtualized environments and edge applications. This appliance combines sixteen ARM® Cortex®-A72 processor cores with high-performance data path accelerators for networking and telecom/enterprise uses. It features a flexible I/O networking design to supports up to 10Gb Ethernet connectivity, together with leveraging FPGA or GPU cards for edge computing.

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