NSK7300-BMC (ODM Only)

Modular BMC Mezzanine Card
AST2500, DDR4, SPI ROM x 2, 260-pin SODIMM
  • Main Feature
  • ASPEED AST2500
  • DDR4 (8Gb 512M x 16)
  • SPI NOR Flash for BMC FW (32MB) x 2
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Mainboard ASPEED AST2500 DRAM DDR4 8Gb 512M x 16 FBGA AST2500 BOOT FLASH SPI ROM 32MB x2 260-pin DDR4 SODIMM interface
Dimension and Weight PCBA dimension: 69.6 x 50 x 6.5mm (refer to JEDEC spec for large card type dimensions) Inner box dimension: 212 x 108 x 45mm Outside packaging dimension: 541 x 456 x 262mm Without packaging weight: 0.015kg
Environment Operating temperature: 5°C~45°C Storage temperature: 5°C~65°C Relative humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
Component Height Keep-out Requirements
(Right Angle config.)
Top of the PCB: 5.44mm PCB thickness: 1.2mm Bottom of the PCB: 1.6mm
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