aROK 8110

Intel® 8th/9th Gen Core™/Xeon® CPU + Inference Accelerator AI Powered for Autonomous and Machine Vision
  • Main Feature
  • Rolling stock AI recognition and machine vision applications
  • Up to 8-core Intel® 8th/9th Gen Core™/Xeon® CPU processing power
  • 4 x PCIe 3.0 slots for discrete graphics/inference/frame grabber cards
  • Ultra-fast NVMe M.2/U.2 media for high-speed multi-cameras image capture
  • RAID 0/1/5/10 configurable for data secure and integrity
  • 24/36 VDC input with ignition management
  • Special fixture design avoids vibration issues with GPU and PCIe cards
  • Functionality of WWAN/5G NR, WLAN and GNSS with up to 4 SIM slots
  • Compliant with EN 50155 OT4 and MIL-STD-810G for anti-vibration/shock w/ graphics card and PCIe card installed
  • Smart fan design with temperature-based RPMs
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AI has become an essential component of automated vehicle technology. With built-in high-performance Intel® Coffee-Lake S/Refresh, or Xeon® processing power and the powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti graphics engine with 4,352 CUDA® cores, aROK 8110 can satisfy a wide variety of applications for the rolling stock applications, such as track obstacle inspection, traffic light, traffic sign recognition, pantograph inspection and highly-demanding on graphic performance.


Extreme speed of data-storage has become more and more important as a rapid growth of high-speed multi-cameras with a high frame rates has taken place. For that, aROK 8110 is designed with up to 3 USB 3.1 and up to 12 GbE w/ PoE GigE M12 X-coded ports for high-end industrial cameras access to achieve a wire-speed performance. Also, the latest ultra-fast U.2/M.2 NVMe media and up to four 2.5” high-density SSD/HDD are carried out for customers to meet the requests of huge data streaming, secure and the integrity for multi-cameras installed.


aROK 8110 also provides an excellent expanding capability for users to install up to four add-on PCIe cards like the frame grabber in GigE Vision interface, or a discrete graphics engine to enhance the graphics power. To position where you are and to keep connection with the remote central management while the system is on edge computing, aROK 8110 is the best choice for you to provide a telematics functionality, like up to two LTE/WLAN modems, GNSS w/ DR function and eMTC collaborated with other communication ports, RS232/422/485 and CAN 2.0B module, etc.


aROK 8110 is a more elastic design for users to choose which CPU they want to operate. Also, it can support up to station-grade Xeon® w/ up to 80W TDP to work with the most 250W RTX 2080 Ti discrete graphics card.

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