VTC 6220-BK

Intel Atom® x7- E3950 Fanless In-Vehicle Computer
  • Main Feature
  • Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor quad core 1.6GHz
  • 3 x LAN support (2 x POE by request)
  • Dual externally accessible 2.5” SSD tray
  • Inside backup battery (option)
  • VGA/HDMI/(ultraONE+ is supported to 10 meter or LVDS, by request)
  • 4 x SIM card support (default type is 3 x external & 1 x internal)
  • Built-in u-blox M8N GPS module, optional dead reckoning support
  • Built-in CAN 2.0B optional SAE J1708/SAE J1939 module
  • Dual Mic-in and Line-out for various application
  • Certified by CE/FCC/E13 mark
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VTC 6220-BK features next generation Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor quad core 1.6GHz, is specifically powerful designed for the public transit or public works. It allows 3 x LAN support (2 x POE by request) are suited for most devices, including wireless access points, as well as IP cameras. We also support dual externally accessible 2.5” SSD tray for high storage capacity. In the meantime, VGA/HDMI/(LVDS or ultraONE+, option) video output to provide customer the appropriate choice. On board CAN 2.0B and optional OBD interface (SAE J1939) for vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior management. An advanced GPS receiver supports GPS/Gloness/QZSS/Galileo/Beidou and optional dead reckoning module is also available.


VTC 6220-BK can be optioned inside backup battery to avoid power failure. By integrating the variety of I/O ports and 1 x M.2 & 3 x mini-PCIe sockets expansibility, VTC 6220-BK also keeps the flexibility to meet the demand for different telematics applications, such as infotainment, fleet management, dispatching system and video surveillance.

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