Mobile Health Kiosk

Mobile Health Kiosk
  • Main Feature
  • Get physical data
  • Synchronize physical date to cloud
  • Management
  • Smart PAD with management software
  • Physical measure equipment
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Get Physical Data PAD management software Get physical data from Bluetooth or USB Temporary Record data (20 record) Synchronize data to Cloud server Blood pressure, Temperature, Pulse Blood Oxygen rate, Weight, ECG
Synchronize Physical Date to Cloud Synchronize with PAD data Record each personal data Analysis physical data History and diagram
Management Send alarm when value abnormal Send an inform to mobile Describe line diagram
Smart PAD with Management Software CPL Touch panel 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4G LET for optional
Physical Measure Equipment Blood pressure meter (BT) or USB Ear thermometer (BT) Blood Oxygen (BT) Portable ECG (BT) Weight (BT, Optional)
Accessory 1 x Power code (110~240V) 6 x Battery (AA)
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