NSA 3180A

Intel® 8th Gen. Xeon®/Core™/Pentium®/Celeron® processors Support Coffee Lake, 1U Rackmount with 8GbE LAN & 1 LAN Module
  • Main Feature
  • 1U rackmount network platform
  • Support Intel® 8th gen. Xeon®/Core™/Pentium®/Celeron® processors
  • Dual channel DDR4 ECC/non-ECC 2400/2666 288-pin UDIMM socket x2 Max. capacity 32GB
  • Support one LAN module slot
  • Internal two 2.5” HDD bay
  • Single 250 watt PSU
  • Support one PCIe x8 slot
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NSA 3180A (P/N: 10S00318000X0)

Intel® C246 PCH, supporting Intel® 8th gen. Xeon®/Core™/Pentium®/Celeron® processors, 2 DDR4 memory slots, 8GbE copper LAN ports, SATA 2.5” HDD, USB ports, HDMI port, one PCIex8 LAN expansion slot (front), w/o LCM

Model P/N Controller Controller PCIe Bypass Speed I/O ports
NI 142C 10SK000NI03X0 i350AM4x1 x4 2 1G 4 RJ45
NI 140C 10S10140C01X0 i350AM4x1 x4 0 1G 4 RJ45
NI 184C 10S10184C01X0 i350AM4x2 x4x4 4 1G 8 RJ45
NI 180C 10S10180C01X0 i350AM4x2 x4x4 0 1G 8 RJ45
NI 180F 10S10180F01X0 i350AM4x2 x4x4 0 1G 8 SFP
NI 140F 10SK000NI02X0 i350AM4x1 x4 0 1G 4 SFP
NI 142F 10S10142F01X0 i350AM4x1 x4 2 1G 4 SFP
NI 121F 10S10121F01X0 i350AM2x1 x4 1 1G 2 SFP
NX 140F 10S20140F01X0 XL710-BM1 x8 0 10G 4 SFP+
NX 120F 10S20120F00X0 X710-BM2 x8 0 10G 2 SFP+
NX 142F 10S20142F01X0 XL710-BM1 x8 2 10G 4 SFP+
NV 120F 10S50120F01X0 XXV710-AM2 x8 0 25G 2 SFP28
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