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Network and Communication Solutions

High quality and reliable advanced TCA based network security appliances are provided to protect customer's business. Building upon the standard x86/ RISC architecture, NEXCOM's network security hardware platforms and network security appliances allow network security software vendors to create their own appliances easier without additional efforts in BIOS and drivers. NEXCOM's network and communication solutions include a full range of network communication platforms and internet appliances designed for desktop and enterprise level applications. Integrating the cutting-edge technologies, such as Intel's multi-core CPU, PCI express, I/O acceleration and AMD's solutions, NEXCOM offers optimal network security appliance for businesses of all sizes.

Desktop Appliance
  • NEXCOM communication gateway platform, equipped with networking capability and significant LAN module, is capable of offering network protection for small business and SOHO.

  • DNA 1150 DNA 120 DNA 125B DNA 1510
Entry Level Appliance
  • NEXCOM network communication platform, with networking capability and configuration flexibility, is capable of offering outstanding network protection for small business and SOHO.

  • NSA 1150 NSA 3130 NSA 3150 NSA 3170
Freescale QorIQ Platform
  • freescaleNEXCOM has introduced network security appliances utilizing Freescale processors. The Freescale QorIQ™ platforms offer all the building blocks for innovation in a highly integrated architecture that includes multiple cores, accelerators, security and more. The QorIQ communications platforms feature value-, mid- and high-performance processors. Our first Freescale QorIQ™ network security appliance utilizes Freescale's flagship QorIQ T4240 communications processor. The T4 series processor is an SoC platform delivering exceptional performance per watt. T4240's twelve dual-threaded Power Architecture® e6500 cores running to 1.8GHz and over 50Gb/s of Ethernet connectivity with advanced packet handling acceleration make it a perfect fit for high-performance integrated data and control plane applications. Integrated pattern matching and the security algorithm accelerator benefit network security applications with high throughput requirements. Collaborating with Freescale, NEXCOM plans to unveil more network security appliances based on QorIQ™ communications processors in the near future.

  • NSA 5640
Industrial-Grade Platform
  • The need for network security exists not only in enterprise data centers. It also exists in telecom data center, machine to machine (M2M) network, industrial applications and small office/home office (SOHO) network. Any device with network connectivity could become a potential entry point for cyber attack and must be protected as well. Under these premises, NEXCOM has released new network security hardware aimed at different application needs of the telecommunication, industrial control and high-throughput industries. The design of the next generation network security platforms reflect the trend of “Internet everywhere” in addition to focusing on network traffic generated by data access. The platforms must go into telecom data center on account of surging mobile network traffic. They also have to give thorough thought to different network environments including ZigBee, Wi-Fi and industrial network using EtherCAT protocol to ensure security for M2M and industrial networks.

  • ISA 1110
Industry Firewall Solution
  • The CoreFort™ series is a fully integrated industrial multi-port firewall router with VPN function, the CoreFort™Industry Firewall provides a remote access infrastructure to secure connections, and helps machine builder/system integrator to design easily maintained systems. Furthermore, its tough fully-rugged design is ideal for harsh environment applications. With wide temperature range to 70°C (158°F) degree, it offers reliable communication network in extreme temperature conditions.


    Pairing VPN capabilities, the CoreFort™ Industry Firewall series is an ideal endpoint connectivity and security solution for industrial automation, process control, energy and medical instrument remote maintenance application.

  • IFA 1610 IFA 2610 IFA 3610
Mainstream Appliance
  • NEXCOM switch and communication appliance, utilizing the latest and multi-core processors, is capable of offering outstanding computing performance with a multitude of LAN expansion options. Products in the mainstream platform category provide a wide range of features that deliver mighty protection to the complex mid-size enterprise networks.

  • NSA 5130 NSA 5150 NSA 5150HA NSA 5160 OSA 5130
Performance Appliance
  • With outstanding processing power, NEXCOM advanced TCA based network security appliance is capable of fulfilling highly complex enterprise networks. Equipped with multi-core processors, products in the performance platform category greatly improve CPU computing bandwidth in complex and intensive security computing.

  • NSA 7130 NSA 7135
Telecom Carrier Platform
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