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Multi-Media Solutions

NEXCOM offers a variety of digital signage players, such as network players, video wall players, RISC based signage players, Atom players, Sandy Bridge players, 1080P signage players, 1080P media players. NEXCOM total solutions cover from low power consumption, RISC based appliances, x86 open architecture, to quad video outputs media player appliances for customers to build their digital signage platforms. The automative digital signage platforms are also available from NEXCOM. 

All-in-one Signage Display Solutions
  • The PDSP Series is an AIO PC (all-in-one) approach digital signage solution integrated seamlessly with PC-based digital signage player and LCD display. Slim and compact design enables easy installation. Hardware accelerated playback capability ensures 1080P video and rich multimedia content handling. The PDSP Series AIO PC is cost effective yet high performance all-in-one digital signage display designed to address a broad spectrum of digital signage applications.

  • PDSP 2122 PDSP 3221
Bulletin Board Solutions
Digital Signage Player
In-Vehicle Signage Solutions
  • Digital vehicle signage is considered as a useful tool to enrich passenger's transportation experience. The PDSB Series for vehicle signage with built-in patented PowerDigiS software features reliable system operation that can withstand extreme temperature condition, shock and vibration under vehicle environment. PDSB vehicle signage players is compliant to most industrial standards, e.g. eMark, for in-vehicle operation.

  • NDiS A322 NDiS AC22 PDSB 6120 PDSB 6200
Video Wall Signage Solutions
  • Featuring multi-video outputs, NEXCOM's video wall player is capable of managing small and medium screen matrix for digital signage applications that need visualization across multiple displays.

  • PDSB 842
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