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Mobile Computing Solutions

NEXCOM offers a series of in-vehicle computers to gain real-time information access in remote, mobile environments. Users can obtain real-time information, entertainment and network computing services and creating new business opportunities through advanced computer and vehicle terminal systems. Another product line, rugged tablet PC, has specifically designed to enhance filed workers' productivity and efficiency. With robust and intelligent design,  the tablet PC can be connected to corporate systems to improve real-time communication and empower field-based decision making. 

Fleet Management System
  • NEXCOM’s fleet management system combines rugged PC vehicle terminal, satellite technology, and WLAN/WWAN connectivity. It gives fleet operators visibility of how, when, and where their equipment is used, allowing operators to further increase safety, efficiency, and productivity.


    NEXCOM’s vehicle terminal collects big data for more efficient fleet management and operation. The data gives users the capability of real-time, remote diagnostics, vehicle tracking, trend analysis, driver performance analysis, and operational record keeping. A “plug-and-perform” design, comprehensive capabilities, and flexibility differentiate NEXCOM’s fleet management system from other telematics systems on the market.

  • FMS 1000
In-Vehicle PC
In-Vehicle PoE Switch
  • NEXCOM has released two fanless in-vehicle PoE switches to simplify the installation of in-vehicle technology to address the growing need for onboard video surveillance and internet connectivity.

  • VES30-4S VES30-8S
Modular Vehicle Computer System
  • The modular vehicle computer system is an in-vehicle computer built with individually-housed modules which are interconnected but separately removable for service or upgrading. The MVS series gives users the flexibility to modify and expand existing I/Os by changing and adding pre-defined expansion modules. The implication is that users can add more functions to an in-vehicle computer without the need to open its enclosures, avoids touching ESD-sensitive circuit boards.


    The MVS series is available with a variety of interchangeable modules and expansion modules which are suited to different application scenarios and pre-validated to ensure system compatibility. Leveraging the MVS series and modules, users can fulfill application-specific requirements with minimum customization efforts, therefore accelerating time to market of products.

  • MVS 2620-IP MVS 2623-C6SMK MVS 2623-C8SK MVS 5200 MVS 5210 MVS 5600 MVS 5600-IP MVS 5603 MVS 5603-C6SMK
Rugged Tablet PC
  • NEXCOM's rugged tablet PC, the MRC Series for mobile data terminal solution, is housed in a rugged chassis which is capable of withstanding extreme outdoor environment. Integrated with wireless technology, such as 3.5G mobile broadband engine, GPS, WLAN, WWAN or Bluetooth, NEXCOM's mobile data terminal solution, the MRC Series tablet PC, enables users to deploy mobile computing into field service management.

  • MRC 1000
Train PC
  • The new generation railway systems, such as high-speed train and metro rapid train, operate under high efficeicy digitalized, computerized control mechanism and are able to dispatch real-time information to control center and guests. This evolution drives the need of embedded computer with highest levels of performance, longevity and reliability that well fits railway systems operating environment. NEXCOM offers train PC which features anti-shock design, metal dust proof ability, stable and green power supply, industrial-grade reliability and extended product life cycle.

  • MVS 5210-R nROK 1020 nROK 3000 nROK 5300 nROK 5500 VTC 6210-R VTC 7220-R
Vehicle Mount Computer
  • NEXCOM’s VMC series is all-in-one vehicle mount computer which integrates system and monitor simultaneously. NEXCOM’s feature-rich VMC Series moves mobile computing into a wide array of rugged environments. The VMC vehicle mount computer is an ideal solution for transportation computers, such as vehicle terminals and truck computers.

  • VMC 1000 VMC 110/111 VMC 1100 VMC 3020 VMC 3500/ 3501 VMC 4511-K
Vehicle Mount Display
  • NEXCOM offers a series of vehicle mount display monitors that are fully compatible to be connected with VTC Series in-vehicle computer. Featuring automatic and manual brightness control, NEXCOM's vehicle mount display offers daylight readability to assist users to obtain real-time information or data without troubles. Moreover, with IP54 certificate, NEXCOM's vehicle mount display differentiates itself with other consumer monitors.

  • VMD 1000 VMD 1001 VMD 2000 VMD 2002 VMD 3002
Vehicle NVR, Train NVR
  • NANO series is a standalone vehicle NVR and train NVR specially designed for live view, recording, and playback applications. With VMS built-in, PoE function and ONVIF support, the user can easily and rapidly install and operate without complicated settings. 24/7 recording is possible thanks to one 2.5" removable SSD/HDD.


    The system is able to work in unstable and tough installation environment with wide range operating temperature and input voltage. Ignition on/off feature is particularly designed for vehicle application, as well as lockable I/O connectors (M12 type) for railways. NANO 1190 series of vehicle NVR and train NVR passes the certification criteria of E13 and EN50155 TX.

  • NANO 1190-RAC4SM NANO 1190-C4S
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