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June 20, 2017

NEXCOM ISA100 Wireless NIO 200 Product Line Tested at WCI Interoperability Event

In April of this year, Centero and NEXCOM attended an interoperability event organized and hosted by the WCI (Wireless Compliant Institute) at ISA Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. It was focused on ensuring interoperability between ISA100 Wireless certified and compliant field instruments and gateways provided by 20 leading suppliers in the process automation industry. 

NEXCOM ISA100 Wireless NIO 200 Product Line Tested at WCI Interoperability Event

NEXCOM's IWSN gateway NIO 200 ISA100 Wireless compliant product family includes three infrastructure devices that address all mesh environment needs for deploying ISA100 Wireless networks. The product family is comprised of three devices:

  • NIO 200IAG - All-in-One Gateway
  • NIO 200IDG - Distributed Gateway                                            
  • NIO 200IDR - Backbone Router


ISA100 Wireless (IEC 62734) is an international, industrial wireless networking and communications standard engineered to support the next generation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology and includes support for the needs of process industries. With native IPv6 networking and object architecture, ISA100 Wireless extends the IIoT to wireless. 


ISA100 Wireless enables automation engineers to quickly create, modify, optimize, and scale wireless networks that are open, interoperable, and reliable for their most critical applications.


Interoperability events are an important dimension of WCI’s technical program and provide ISA100 WCI member organizations an opportunity to validate the ISA100 Wireless brand promise of assured interoperability.


WCI conducts interoperability events as part of its quality assurance processes to ensure that functional tests conducted during ISA100 Wireless certifications provide proper coverage for the ISA100 Wireless Implementation Specification.  The interoperability test campaigns provide real-world evidence that certified devices from any supplier will interoperate in any system supplier’s network. 


End users can select ISA100 Wireless Compliant™ devices from a best-of-breed pool of suppliers with assurances of device interoperability. 

For additional information, please send an inquiry to NEXCOM.

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