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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

To See, to Analyze, to Real-Time React for Mobile Security

Video surveillance is a critical aspect in vehicles for protecting driver and passenger safety, as well as the public safety. A solid video surveillance system must be comprehensive in the areas of video capture, transmission, display, storage and management. By implementing GPS and mobile network technology, video surveillance systems can empower remote video monitoring in real-time. In addition, with advanced video analytics algorithms, video surveillance systems can provide Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Longstop Object Detection (LOD) and Driver Behavior Monitoring (DBM) to avoid traffic accidents, and Human Facial Recognition (HFR) to assist crime prevention.


Video Surveillance - To See, to Analyze, to Real-Time React for Mobile Security

Key Requirements

  • Clear images, detail information and solid quality
  • High capability for compute-intensive analysis
  • Rugged vehicle display to show captured images or video analytics results in real time
  • Wireless communication with high bandwidth for video transmission
  • Rugged and sufficient storage capacity

NEXCOM's Solutions

  • Connections to high resolution IP cameras to capture clear images
  • In-vehicle computer with GPU acceleration for video analysis of multiple video sources
  • Industrial-grade vehicle display for seamless video output
  • Support multiple WWAN networks with multiple SIMs for reliable video transmission and remote monitoring
  • Reliable storage with RAID support and mobile network attached storage (NAS)



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