DNA 1520

Cavium ARM64 Multiple Applications Platform
  • Main Feature
  • Cavium Octeon-TX CN80/81xx CPU based on ARMv8.1 64-bit architecture
  • On-board 1GBytes SLC NAND flash. Can support up to 2GBytes
  • On-board DDR4, default 1GB 32-bit with 4-bit ECC, up to 2GB (CN80xx)
  • On-board DDR4, default 2GB 64-bit with 8-bit ECC, up to 4GB (CN81xx)
  • On-board 4GBytes eMMC
  • Support 802.3bz 10G standard which can be backward compatible with 1/2.5/5Gbps
  • Support secure boot
  • Support 1-pair bypass feature
  • Flexible daughter boards design to support Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE and PoE (2-port 802.3at or 4-port 802.3af)
  • Dual power DC inputs by Industrial Phoenix 2-pin type (9V-36V DC) and standard coaxial power type with screw (12V DC)
  • Fanless mechanical design
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