NC Series

100GbE LAN Module
  • Main Feature
  • Mellanox ConnectX® major chip
  • Supporting up to 2 x 100GbE ports
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NC 220FMS3 (P/N: 10S30022008X0)

2 x QSFP28 ports w/ MT27808A0-FCCF-CE (single-host)


NC 220FMM3 (P/N: 10S30022007X0)

2 x QSFP28 ports w/ MT27808A0-FCCF-CEM (multi-host)


NC 220Q28M (P/N: 10S30022002X0)

2 x QSFP28 ports w/ MT27708A0-FDCF-CE (single-host)


NC 220Q28M2 (P/N: 10S30022005X0)

2 x QSFP28 ports w/ MT27708A0-FDCF-CEM (multi-host)


NC 120FMS4 (P/N: 10S30012000X0)

2 x 100GbE QSFP28 ports w/ MT28808A0-FCCF-EV (single-host)

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