PDNA 130

  • Main Feature
  • Annapurna AL314 four-core 1.7GHz CPU bases on ARM® Cortex™-A15
  • On-board 2GBytes SLC NAND flash. Upgradable to be up to 4GBytes
  • On-board 2GBytes 64-bit DDR3 and 8-bit ECC. Supports 32/64-bit memory configurations
  • Upgradable to be up to 4GBytes
  • Using two 2.5G SGMII to provide higher bandwidth connection between CPU and Ethernet Switch
  • Optionally support up to two PCIe Wi-Fi modules for 3x3 11n/11ac dual-band dual-concurrent
  • Three antennas could support dual-band dual-concurrent Wi-Fi
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