Automotive Ethernet Module
  • Main Feature
  • Compliant with IEEE 100BASE T1 (IEEE 802.3bw)
  • Single UTP to use to reduce the overall cost
  • mini-PCIe form factor for easy & quick installation
  • Alternative USB interface (signal shared with mini-PCIe)
  • Wide-range operating temperature
  • Easy to leverage existing Ethernet environments
  • Master-slave configuration via a switch to reduce latency during handshaking
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VTK-AE1M-01 is designed with one port automotive Ethernet which is compliant with IEEE 802.3bw to satisfy the modern infotainment applications by just using one UTP cable to work. Besides, it can reduce the vehicle weight compared to traditional Ethernet and save a specific infrastructure cost. With mPCIe form-factor design, the user can easily install VTK-AE1M-01 to any vehicle computers or any devices with a built-in mPCIe slot suitable for vehicle audio/video steam access or vehicle lab for testing.

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