3MP Indoor Recessed Vandal Dome with Wing Design, Motorized Lens, P-Iris, True WDR, IK10
  • Main Feature
  • 3MP @30fps, Full HD 1080P @60fps
  • Motorized lens 3-10 mm, F1.4
  • Advance P-Iris
  • 100dB true WDR
  • IK10 vandal resistant
  • Support 0°C ~ 60°C/32°F ~ 140°F
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NEXCOM introduces new indoor dome IP camera offering outstanding 3MP image quality including support for zoom focus function. NCi-301-V IP Camera, available in indoor using scenario with wing design, which perfectly fix the camera into the ceiling and wake it suitable for building surveillance solution. Ture WDR can overcome variation light condition continued to provide crystal clear image output. IK10 makes IP camera ideal for all kind of extremely working behavior. Extremely working behavior.

Megapixel @60 fps

NexCam supports high-performance H.264/MJPEG compression technology and offers extra smooth video at up to 60 fps in 1080p. Furthermore, Video ROI [Region Of Interest] function reduce bandwidth and storage requirement, providing users with the best option in bandwidth flexibility and storage efficiency.

Zoom Focus

Zoom focus function allows users to remotely control focus and zoom to simplify installation and reduce labor cost. 3-10 mm focal length is available with feed-back potentiometers for auto-positioning applications. Post-installation adjustment can be done quickly and painlessly, without the need to tear down and reinstall the camera.

True WDR

The True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range/100dB) feature is very useful in overcoming challenges in various lighting conditions. It works by capturing both the dark and bright part of an image, then combining the differences into one frame to generate a highly realistic image. Nexcam True WDR IP Camera provides video quality similar to the human eye. It is well suited in high contrast environments such as lobby entrances, parking lots, ATMs and loading docks.


P-iris function works by a stepping motor controlled via software to automatically provide the best iris position for best exposure time in all lighting conditions. The Result is a clearer image with better contrast and depth of field.

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