H.265, 2MP Outdoor IR Vandal Bullet with Adaptive IR, Motorized Lens, P-Iris, DOL WDR, IK10
  • Main Feature
  • 30fps@Full HD 1080P
  • Adaptive IR
  • Advance P-Iris
  • IK10 vandal resistant, IP66/IP67
  • Support -40°C~60°C/-40°F~140°F
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NEXCOM introduces new H.265 IR vandal bullet type IP camera, offering outstanding 2MP image quality including supports zoom focus function. NCr-241-VHA IP Camera, available in indoor and outdoorusing scenario, are suitable for building surveillance solution, DOL WDR/Adaptive IR can overcome variation light condition continued to provide crystal clear image output. IK10 and IP66/IP67 makes IP camera ideal for all kind of extremely working behavior.

DOL WDR with very challenging lighting conditions. It is capable of capturing both dark and bright part then combining the differences into a scene to generate a highly realistic image. 

Ultra Low-Light
High sensitivity sensor which features sensitivity less than 0.01 lux. It can capture good images under the extreme low-light conditions. 

Adaptive IR Technology
With advanced Adaptive IR technology, it is not only same as traditional Smart IR to adjust IR output automaticallyin response to the distance of the object in view. Moreover, it enables consistent illumination for wide &tele angles to maximize image quality. It helps to capture better image quality regardless any kinds of outdoor environments.

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