IWF 800 nCare

I4.0 Node and Network Manager
  • Main Feature
  • Automatically discover managed devices by SNMP, CAPWAP & Modbus scan
  • Visual topology to display device and wireless link status for remote management
  • Supports Modbus TCP protocol to communicate with Modbus device for asset management
  • Easy remote provisioning, configuration, firmware upgrade and reboot for NEXCOM IWF devices
  • Flexible events and notifications with pre-defined threshold
  • Supports third-party devices with MIB compiler and MIB browser
  • Comprehensive report and log, including asset status, system log and usage report
  • Supports smart phone/tablet APP for mobile management
  • Support API, customization service for management of private protocol communication
  • Co-existing with 3rd party management solution through standard, open interface
  • Management scope can be up to 6,000 nodes
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Operating System Windows 7 (64-bit) VM supported by project base
Hardware CPU support: Intel® Atom™ Quad-core 2.4GHz Main memory: 8GB memory with DDR3 1600MHz Long-DIMM sockets I/O interface-front
- 2 x USB 2.0 ports
- 1 x RJ45 type console port
- 4 x GbE copper ports
- 1 x reset button
I/O interface-rear
- 2 x USB 2.0 ports
- 1 x VGA port
HDD storage: 500GB
PC system Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or above Browser: Chrome, IE11, Firefox
- Hardware: Intel® Atom™ or above, 8GB DDR3
Mobile device for APP
- Android: 5.0 or above (iOS9 will be supported later)
Auto Discovery Support CAPWAP, LLDP & SNMP, Modbus TCP Support NEXCOM IWF AP/Mesh, NIO series gateway, industrial PC series via Xcare utility* Support rogue AP detection through SNMP Manually add/edit/delete managed devices
Visual Topology View multi-layer topology at a glance Display Mesh Paths & Neighbor Links dynamically Show link traffic and threshold setting instantly One click for Device Asset information Support remote PING function Support Google, Baidu and customized layout Map Support location coordinate remark
AP/Mesh Networking Device Management (Only to NEXCOM IWF) Provisioning & configure Configuration setting backup & restore Restore to factory default Remote AP reboot/reset Firmware upgrade thru manual/batch/schedule**
Device Node Management Support device protocol: Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, NEXCOM Xcare, WMI (Windows Management Interface)* Monitor device health condition: HDD life, CPU/memory usage, temperature, etc. (through Xcare) Remote device threshold setting and provisioning Remote device control: reboot, watchdog enable/disable Customized service for customer owned device asset management
Report & Log Managed device profile report Managed device status report: network traffic, system usage Export formats: csv and txt file System log: 6-month log in local database
Event Notification Event trigger by
- Pre-defined threshold
- generic trap rules
- Link-up
- Link-down
- Warm start
- Cold start
Outbound notice
- S.M.S. (Clickatell service subscribed by end user)
- Social Media: WeChat, Facebook, Twitter
Administration Privilege: 3-level (admin, manager, users) Concurrent access user: 5 Supported node number: 1,000 (default) Scale up to max. 3,000 nodes by project base
Physical 1U 19" rack mount, 430mm x 260mm x 44mm Net weight: 5kg Operating temperatures: 0°C~40°C Storage temperature: -20°C~75°C Relative humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing Certifications: CE/ FCC
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