IFA 3610

CoreFort™ Industry Firewall, 5 ports VPN Router with Wide Temperature Range
  • Main Feature
  • Stateful (L4) packet firewall
  • Intrusion prevention (IPS)
  • SSL VPN secure remote access
  • DI/DO support
  • Serical gateway (RS485)
  • Wide temperature range, up to 70°C (158°F)
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The CoreFort™ industry firewall series is a fully integrated industry multi-port firewall router with VPN function. The fully equipped, broadband-capable firewall router offers a stateful packet inspection firewall, denial-of-service(DoS)/distributed denial-of-service(DDoS) protection and intrusion prevention, portscan detection, and real-time alerts. It gives additional protection for machinery and equipment installed on the secure side of the firewall. Equipped with SSL VPN functions, the CoreFort™ industry firewall provides a remote access infrastructure to secure connections, and helps machine builder/system integrator to design easily maintained systems. Furthermore, its tough fully-rugged design is ideal for harsh environment application. With wide temperature range up to to 70°C (158°F) degree, it offers reliable communication network in extreme temperature conditions.


Pairing VPN capabilities, the CoreFort™ industry firewall series is an ideal endpoint connectivity and security solution for industrial automation, process control, energy and medical instrument remote management application.

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