Limitless & Intuitive IIoT Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition Solution
  • Main Feature
  • An HTML5-supported and webpage control IIoT SCADA solution powered by Windows IIS server.
  • Over 250 drivers for major PLCs .
  • Support distributed and redundant database function for applications including real-time, history, and ADO.NET database
  • Sophisticated alarms management system allows you to send alarms to various utilities such as screen, E-Mail/SMS, and Web browser (or social app through VBScript).
  • Ready to use built-in template symbol & widget, online sample project and custom widget can be implemented by HTML5/JavaScript or ActiveX.
  • Provide user and group security control up to 256 levels.
  • Seamless browser connectivity and multi-monitor display (by SetViewerPos).
  • Up 16000 numbers of max. points connected.
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Fulfilling Connectivity Support general purpose Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA, TXT file driver, General TCP driver, etc. Drivers ready for major PLC manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, GE-Fanuc, etc.
Database & Diagnostic Interface with any relational database supported by a valid ADO.NET Provider, OLE DB provider or ODBC driver Support save and/or retrieve the alarm history, event message, and trend history in relational database Use Database Spy and the Output/Log Window to quickly diagnostic and efficiently test your applications
Trends & Charts Support standard time-base trend, XY trend, pie chart Support ActiveX and .NET to add controls such as advanced graphing, meter gauges, reporting, browsers and even media player Keeps track of process behavior online or through historical trending and sends information across a network for monitoring on screens or Web browsers
Alarms and Report Define alarm display filter for more convenience Support various message types such as screen, e-mail, browser, and archive to the printer Imports/exports recipes, reports, and real-time data in XML format
Template and Customization Built-in template symbol and various online sample projects Powerful widgets for various control and display purposes Support ActiveX components for expansion functions Provide VBScript for custom defined functions that can run on Windows Operating Systems
Account & Security Provide up to 256 levels of user & group account security Features to develop applications that are FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which cover electronic records and electronic signatures Security can be set on each runtime individually or networked to a central security system
Browser & Thin Client Supports three types of remote application viewers: Modern Web Browser, Secure Viewer, and Studio Mobile Access (SMA) for smart phones and tablets Up to 1000 simultaneous Thin Clients are supported
Points Connection 5 licenses for different number of connections: 150, 300, 1500, 4000, and 16K points
* Note: online sample project link:
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